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Malaysian Football League (MFL) announced that all 11 teams in the Liga Super Malaysia 2022 teams will fill the TM Piala Malaysia 2022 slots after one of them was abandoned by Melaka United.

The decision was reached by the MFL Board of Directors after the absence of MUFC in the TM Piala Malaysia action this season due to the failure to resolve the problem of player and official salary arrears.

“MUFC is currently ranked ninth in the 2022 Super League and is not allowed to compete in the TM Malaysia Cup 2022 competition.”

“So a replacement team should be selected from the Super League to maintain the number of 11 Super League teams and five Premier League teams in the 2022 Malaysia Cup competition where all Super League teams except MUFC will get TM Malaysia Cup 2022 slots,” MFL said in an official statement.”

Credit Photo : Emmer Farid/SNE Images

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