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Thailand national team recovered and took 3rd place successfully. after the slash Trinidad & Tobago National Team went with a score of 2-1 in the 48th King’s Cup 2022, 3rd place match at the 700th Anniversary Chiang Mai Stadium

In this game, the Thai national team changed the players almost in the whole set, led by Kittipong Phutaewchuek, the goalkeeper.

followed by the defensive line such as Theerathorn Bunmathan, wearing the captain’s armband instead of Chanathip Songkrasin, the injured team captain, and withdrawing to coordinate with Kritsada Kaman, Chalermsak Akke, as well as the offensive line.

Supachok Sarachat and Jakkapan Kaewprom

The game started not long. In the 9th minute, Thailand almost got a goal to lead. From the moment of the corner kick Supachok Sarachat and Chalermsak Akkee headed, but the ball hit Alvin Jones, Trinidad’s defensive line. Swish left out of the line Before the defensive line will help to extract the ball away.

In the 12th minute, Thailand was able to win again from the moment that Channarong Promsrikaew had a shot from outside the penalty area, but Marvin Philippe, the goalkeeper of Trinidad. can also show a super save to brush away

And in the 21st minute, the effort was successful.

From the moment that Trinidad’s defense missed the ball, the ball went into Channarong Promsrikao’s way and caught one stroke before shooting the first pole. The Thai national team takes the lead 1-0.

In the 24th minute, Trinidad had the opportunity to win the equalizer from the moment that Reon Moore had headed straight in front of the goal, but Kittipong Phuthaewchuek, the Thai national team goalkeeper. can still be saved

Soon after, in the 26th minute, the Thai national team had a chance to win the second goal from the moment that Supachok Sarachat flowed the ball to Supanut Muenta, who shot an elaborate shot at the second post, but Marvin Philippe, who Trinidad’s goal keeper Can still fall to receive the ball.

In the 36th minute, Trinidad had a chance to win the equalizer from the stroke of a shot in the penalty area of Levi Garcia, but Kittipong Phutaewchuek, the Thai national team goalkeeper. can still be saved

After that, there were no more goals. The end of the first half was on the side of the Thailand, leading 1-0.

arrived in the second half The game became harder to play after a heavy downpour. and is on the side of Trinidad who had more chances to attack, and in the 62nd minute from the rhythm of the corner kick and as Kevin Molino opened into the penalty area and Karim Moses shot sharply into Trinidad,

the equalizer succeeded as 1- 1

In the 69th minute, the Thailand almost got a goal, overtaking the lead from the moment that Supanan Burirat opened the ball into the middle. But the ball went to the defense line of Trinidad. The ball sags down to get a chance to win. But at the end of the day, the ball was a little bit behind the crossbar.

And in the 72nd minute of the moment of the Thai national team invaded on the left and Pathomphon Charoenratanaphirom, paid to Channarong Promsrikaew, before opening with Supachok Sarachat, shooting stuffed with the second pole, not left. Thailand took the lead again to 2-1.

In injury time, in the 90+2 minute, the Thai national team almost got an additional goal from the stroke of Pathomphon Charoenrattanapirom. shot in the penalty area But stuck to the defense of Trinidad before Marvin Philippe, goalkeeper of Trinidad. will follow to receive the ball

After that, no more doors. The end of the game is on the side of Thailand. It was the side that won with a score of 2-1, and grabbed 3rd place successfully.

Credit Photo : Phattharachai Pholthep/SNE Images

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